Minutes of CAFA Executive Meeting

December 1, 2010

Meeting called to order at 7:13pm

All board members in attendance.

Past Business: Accept Past meeting's minutes

Motion: All Accepted

Action Items from Last Months


Gone through both CAFA websites. Wants to know which site to use. CAFA two site has no data base capabilities as of now but has French and there are other issues.


Fall Newsletter DONE!

Next newsletter will be due March 1, 2011

Training Organizations-emailed all found and only one person in Egypt responded. Will try to sort out with the board who/what to list

Booked Divers Weekend Show and spoke with VanApneist about working it

Thanks you to old board was on newsletter


Membership incentive ideas:

member/buddy list with Google Maps

Diver Mag.

a members section of website

store discounts for members

member contests

2011 Event Calendar-Has a lot of info but some is based on last year. Will send all confirmed 2011 events to the webmaster and social media director for addition to the website and FaceBook.


Got t-shirt quote and will place order asap-All members accepted

Looked for a 2011 competition calendar but no one has anything posted yet. She will keep her eye on it and post events as they come up.

Bank Accounts: Need more cash. What to do with the 10,000 term deposit?

Brent will look at ING and other options for the mula.

Other business

CAFA Camera-Trisha may have a GoPro to give/sell CAFA.

Next Meeting-Jan 10, 2011

Meeting Closed at 9:41pm

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Updated 15 January 2011
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