Minutes of CAFA Executive Meeting

January 10, 2011

All in attendance except Kevin. Brent and Mandy attended via Skype.

Divers Weekend Plan

Andrew has CAFA brochures

Tried calling Aquarium about talk but haven’t heard back. He will email Jeremy right away.

Will contact Tom to set up
-Sat-Jill, Andrew-All Day
-Sun-Eugene-Morning till about 3pm, Brent Sunday & Trisha may be able to do

Brent has CAFA banners but will check with Tom for other materials

Will give away a free t-shirt with every paid membership at the aquarium –

Andrew and Eugene will put together the two new CAFA videos and the old one

Mandy to give CAFA booth and they will return it to Oceaner. Mandy emailed Tom about who has the CAFA booth material.

Jill will bring gear to display

Old Business

Competition Calendar

Jill will look for new competitions and get with Vanapniest about their comp list Clothing Order

Jill has ordered shirts and hoodies that will be ready in time for the show.

Board members pay cost and retail others at +50%


Jill will get signing authority before picking up the clothing

Mandy will show Jill how to use PayPal

Term comes up in 2-weeks

* Brent will look at ING and other banks where to put it and will keep $3000 out

Andrew will get with Jill to move Constant Contact payments to CAFA PayPal and send Jill past invoices for payback

Judge in Learning

Will follow up on that once Canada competitions are set


Brent will email CAFA Board competition dates to be announced to CAFA


for board use and club use


People need to get posting things


Kevin will post meeting minutes

Automatic renewal emails now working

Membership benifits

Has list of possible benifits to membership that he is working on (as noted in Dec meeting minutes) and will have progress to show by next month.

Has letters started to why dive centres should offer CAFA members benifits

Kevin will update the membership form to include a question about if they are a scuba diver

Eugene will hit up stores as corporate members

Kevin is trying to get freediving into his local dive centre.


CAFA to post AIDA, PFI and FII as links to where to get instruction-Andrew will help Kevin will do it.

Last Meetings Minutes

Andrew moved to approve it and all seconded it

New Business

CMAS-Brent will look into CMAS
- research what they have to offer

AIDA Board and emails-this should be changed to the new board members

Adjourn at 9:27pm

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Updated 14 January 2011
Corporate Members:
Oceaner Wetsuits & Drysuits
Langley Diving