Minutes of CAFA Executive Meeting

May 25, 2011

8:22pm call to order

Attending: Jill Yoneda, Kevin Sorensen, Eugene Lim, Andrew Hogan

Old business:

New business:

Reasonable goals for next 30 days that we can all achieve to bring some life back into the association:

Andrew – website should be main area of focus, Kevin agrees but admits he is super busy so from his prospective he can help put stuff up but can’t do much authoring

Jill- organise shirts (picture with Kelly, sizes etc…)

Jill – to delegate records writing of eric and Kelly to Mandy. (email by May 26)
Jill find basic info and maybe a nice picture

Record page updates : eric Fattah 3 constant weights, Kelly static

Jill will email eric and Kelly for picture and bio

Eugene – add benefits info for join/renew page.
(write up info) due June 8th

Eugene- add members and dive sites to map and send to Kevin.
(Add new list to map – send Kevin the link)

Andrew- set up cafa vimeo page and send embedded video links to Kevin…(June 1st)

Kevin – will send FTP info to Andrew. (June 1st)

Andrew – send Tom email about medals/prizes for June competition (May 26th)

Andrew – send email to judges to get them to volunteer for June competition. (asl tom about 26th)

Andrew – to send competition email notice to all CAFA members thru constant contact. (May 26th)

Andrew - Constant contact June 20th.

Kevin – next meeting talk about a nationwide competition; CAFA to help promote competitions, organize Judges.

Next CAFA meeting June 29th 7pm

Meeting end 9:36

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