Minutes of CAFA Executive Meeting

November 5, 2010

Location: Coquitlam, BC Canada

Board Members in Attendance: Mandy, Jill, Trisha, Eugene, Andrew and Kevin via Skype

Call to order by Andrew at 7:42pm

Board Positions:
President: Andrew*
Vice President: Kevin*
Treasurer: Jill
Secretary: Mandy**
Social Media relations: Trisha*
Membership: Eugene*
*Webmaster: Kevin to take lead but Andrew, Eugene and Trisha will help
**Mandy wants to help the board in whatever way they wish to us her but would prefer to not play a key role. Mandy has asked for her to not vote as a board member and the board agreed to that.

Projects for the Year:
Andrew: Website-develop the way the CAFA website is seen and how it attracts people
Kevin: Website-Design, function and up to date
Trisha: Set CAFA up with a social media presence (Face Book, Twitter, ect). A way to update people and direct them to the CAFA website.
Eugene: Will find ways to increase membership and the benefits to being a member

Direction of CAFA into the future:
The board members talked about where CAFA currently stands both as a National body as well as in the eye of AIDA International. The board agreed that they want to see CAFA:
a)Become more productive
b)to work hard to have CAFA better promote the sport and recreation of freediving throughout CANADA
c)to once again become the place to go for information on freediving and to get involved in freediving
The board agreed to follow this direction in the hopes of growing CAFA and applying to AIDA International to once again become CANADA’s primary AIDA National body.

2011 Schedule:
CAFA will try to develop a list of industry/trade/consumer shows that either CAFA and/or CAFA clubs can attend in order to promote Freediving.

There is one in Jan of 2011 at the Vancouver Aquarium. CAFA will see if it can get the Vancouver Apneists to man a booth. CAFA will pay for the booth space provided CAFA materials are distributed alongside the clubs.

The CAFA board would like to create a list for the website of all AIDA sanctioned competitions and recreation freediving activates for the upcoming 2011 year. CAFA will refer to the AIDA International website for all competitions as it lists all AIDA competitions.

*Mandy left the meeting for this part of the meeting and minutes were taken by Trisha.
Discussed whether CAFA should start teaching or mentoring people. It was decided that due to liability CAFA should not teach but should direct people to organized training organizations. CAFA board will list all Training organizations offering courses in North America with no bias.

CAFA will post all course offerings on the website. At the top of this page will be a disclaimer that CAFA does not train or mentor people but rather list all available options.

Next meeting will be at Andrews house in Vancouver on Dec 1, 2010 at 7pm Pacific time.

At 9:08pm Kevin moved to adjourn the meeting and Jill second the motion.

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