Competitor History

Glen Garrett

1:002:16 Cold Turkey CompetitionVancouver, Canada2010-01-31 
4:453:34SHORTNational Freediving ChampionshipsVancouver, Canada2008-05-30here
4:004:05 Western Regional CompetitionVancouver, BC2007-03-24 
4:455:00 Western Regional CompetitionVancouver, Canada2005-05-13 
3:494:52 Western Regional CompetitionVancouver, BC2004-10-08 
2:002:32 Western Regional CompetitionVancouver, BC2004-05-07 
100.0 m91.0 mSHORTCold Turkey CompetitionVancouver, Canada2010-01-30 
100.0 m90.0 mSHORTWestern Regional CompetitionVancouver, BC2007-03-25 
Dynamic w/o Fins
100.0 m107.0 mSURFCold Turkey CompetitionVancouver, Canada2010-01-31 
100.0 m100.0 m Western Regional CompetitionVancouver, Canada2008-11-22here
100.0 m109.0 m National Freediving ChampionshipsVancouver, Canada2008-05-31here
100.0 m117.0 m Western Regional CompetitionVancouver, Canada2007-09-29 
100.0 m108.0 mLMCWestern Regional CompetitionVancouver, BC2007-03-23 
1.0 m90.0 mAIRWestern Regional CompetitionVancouver, Canada2005-05-15 
6.0 m104.2 mBOEastern Regional CompetitionOttawa, ON2004-10-31 
25.0 m105.6 mBOWestern Regional CompetitionVancouver, BC2004-10-10 
50.0 m81.9 m Western Regional CompetitionVancouver, BC2004-05-09 
82.0 m84.9 mAIRWestern Regional CompetitionVancouver, BC2003-11-21 
80.0 m93.9 mBONational ChampionshipsVancouver, BC2003-06-27 



WRCurrent world record
WRWorld record, now superseded
NRCurrent national record
NRNational record, now superseded
SHORTPenalty because Realized less than Announced
TIMEPenalty due to time violation
LINEPenalty due to illegal line pull
SURFPenalty due to breaking water surface
TIMEDisqualification due to time violation
LONGDisqualification due to depth violation
LINEDisqualification due to illegal line pull
AIRDisqualification due to submerged airway
SPDisqualification due to surfacing protocol violation
LMCDisqualification due to Loss of Motor Control (Samba)
BODisqualification due to blackout

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